Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current head of Chi Ling Pai Kung Fu?

Master Scott Felsen is the direct inheritor of Chi Ling Pai Kung Fu from the founder Denis Decker and is the current head.

Do you charge testing fees for advancement?

No. As a student progresses, when their level of understanding and physical ability are sufficient to progress to the next rank, they will be promoted. This is solely at the instructors' discrection.

What ages do you teach?

Our classes are designed for individuals 16 years old and older. If a parent is actively taking classes, their child a few years younger may be considered. The maturity of each student is taken into consideration before acceptance into our classes.

What should be worn for training?

Students should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that would allow for free movements. Sneakers or athletic shoes should be worn in class except during special training.

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